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explorer v2 black and white
explorer v2 beige and green
8000Kicks' Explorer V2 for Men
8000Kicks' Explorer V2 for Men
close up v2
8000Kicks' Explorer V2 for Men
8000Kicks' Explorer V2 for Men
waterproof hemp
8000Kicks' Explorer V2 for Men
8000Kicks' Explorer V2 for Men

8000Kicks' Explorer V2 for Men


* Black Friday size exchanges acceptable until January 31st.

** Free Exchanges in the US

The Explorer is the first ever model developed by 8000Kicks. It was designed and engineered in Portugal to achieve the most ecofriendly, durable and comfortable sneaker ever. Something simple, yet stylish that would fit every occasion. And that's precisely what we have done!


💪 Super Strong Hemp fibers;
💦 Splash friendly
🍁 World's 1st Hemp Insoles;
🌱 Algae Bloom soles;
✅ 100% vegan;
🏃 Versatile design;



Although possible, we don't suggest machine washing as it might compromise the waterproofing and damage the shoe's ability to repel liquids and dust. Instead, hand wash them with warm water and soap.

Size Chart and Guide

DopeKicks Size table

Splash proof and dustproof

Our hemp has been made to repel water from coming in. We added a proprietary coating layer that  protects the fabric and its properties from stains, liquids and dust particles. This will make the fabric very easy to clean as well.

Hemp is also a super durable material, that will make your shoe last years before they wear out.

Bloom foam algae bottom

Weed upper, and algae bottom.

Phenomenons like eutrophisation can destroy entire marine ecosystems if not controlled.

We partnered up with Bloom Foam to create a super light algae bottom with increased durability while sponsoring the removal of harmful algae.

World's 1st Hemp insoles

Before being banned, in the 60s, Hemp was the main clothing material due to its anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties.

Also, did you know hempcrete (hemp cement) is the "new" high-performance material for home insulation because it is a temperature regulating material? 

The cherry on top is the extra foam layer, to guarantee the right mix between hardness and cushioning.

explorer v2 black and white

8000Kicks' Explorer V2 for Men















100% VEGAN







I am not sure which size to pick!

Every brand has their own system and sometimes even models from the same brand differ from each other. But here's how you can find your shoe size.

Select a comfortable pair of sneakers and look at the CM/JP number. That's their maximum fit in CM, therefore your feet will be smaller. Then go to the 8000Kicks table and look for a size with the same range.

Contact us for further assistance: +1 478 401 4950 (Phone and WhatsApp)

Your size is not on the list ?

We are always opening new sizes. Half sizes, bigger and smaller, you are gradually opening new sizes as our company grows.

Drop your vote here

What if the shoe doesn't fit? Exchanges and returns?

We want to get you in a pair that fit right, and that you love wearing. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact us within 30 days of receiving your 8000Kicks to arrange for a replacement, exchange, or refund. Footwear must be in new condition, with no signs of wear, and in original packaging. All returns require a return authorization from 8000Kicks Customer Service. We reserve the right to require a photo of the footwear.

Free Shipping, exchanges and returns?

We currently have free shipping to the US and UK, and for our Canadian neighbors and European friends we have reduced shipping.

Except for the US, we do not offer free returns and eschanges yet, but we are working on it.

Is there a warranty? Are they durable?

Unfortunately we don't have a warranty because shoes are subject to maximum wear and tear. However, from our experiences both our hemp and our soles have performed very well on our "torture" tests and we can confidently say that they are stronger than any branded sneakers in the same price range. We also tested over 10 types of different glues to find a perfect fit that would survive under the harshest conditions.

However, if for some accident or problem our shoes do not perform as expected, please contact us and we can deal with it and issue a replacement pair if necessary.

Can I smoke the shoe?

Do you really want to smoke our shoe?

Hemp is the sober cousin of marijuana, which means that it has no psychoactive components, less than 0.3% THC, which means that technically you are definitely not getting high. Now seriously, please note that smoking the shoe is not a good idea and might get you hospitalized.

Can I take this on a flight? Will police dogs come after me?

8000Kicks are 100% legal everywhere in the world. Our team has traveled to Italy, France, USA, Canada, Morocco, Portugal and many other countries without any issues. Hemp is the sober cousin of marijuana, which means that it has no psychoactive components, less than 0.3% THC, definitely not a drug. In some countries it is illegal to cultivate hemp, but it is 100% legal to buy and sell finished hemp products like soap, paper and apparel as long as it is produced abroad.


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