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Ecodrive Carbon Emissions Offset
Size Chart and Guide

DopeKicks Size table

Waterproof and dustproof

Our hemp has been made to repel all water from coming in. We added a proprietary coating layer that  protects the fabric and its properties from stains, liquids and dust particles. This will make the fabric very easy to clean as well.

Hemp is also a super durable material, that will make your shoe last years before they wear out.

Bloom foam algae bottom

Weed upper, and algae bottom.

Phenomenons like eutrophisation can destroy entire marine ecosystems if not controlled.

We partnered up with Bloom Foam to create a super light algae bottom with increased durability while sponsoring the removal of harmful algae.

World's 1st Hemp insoles

Before being banned, in the 60s, Hemp was the main clothing material due to its anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties.

Also, did you know hempcrete (hemp cement) is the "new" high-performance material for home insulation because it is a temperature regulating material? 

The cherry on top is the extra foam layer, to guarantee the right mix between hardness and cushioning.