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Introducing 8000Kicks

The #1 cannabis sneakers

Each shoe

100g of harmfull algae removed

72% less CO2 used

70% less water used

Yes, it's Cannabis!

8000Kicks are made from hemp, a sativa branch. In fact, hemp is so strong that Henry Ford built a car out of it.

About our Materials

Strong and Flexible

Our Bloom foam outsoles made from harmful algae were made to last using seaweed lightweight properties,

At the same time, our bloom soles can deform and go back to its original shape even after years of action.

100% Splash Proof

We wanted to make something for the active person, the challenger, the explorer, something that could provide the best experience under any conditions, and that’s why we built it splash friendly.

World's 1st Hemp insoles

Engineered and developed by the world's smartest using the world's strongest material. Super comfortable and ready to make you jump high once again.

...Also not for smoking!  Sorry folks.